The brain is a marvellous organ and a great gift from the Creator. We would be lost without it; we could not plan, carry out or complete anything. So we have every reason to be grateful for it every day of our life. If a person voluntarily abstains from food or is made to go hungry, and as a result loses a great deal of weight, the weight loss in the spinal cord and in the brain is hardly noticeable. The fact that everything else is affected first shows the importance of the brain as the control centre of most other processes in the body.

A good illustration of the human brain is that of the walnut. The hard shell can be compared to the cranium. The two-lobed seed resembles the cerebrum, and the skin, which peels off easily in freshly picked nuts, may be likened to the meninges. At the back of the head, between the spinal cord and the brain, lies the cerebellum, which is approximately the size of an orange.


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