For cleansing the skin it is best to use a mild, super-fatted soap, ‘baby soap’. Remember, the daily use of soap is not absolutely necessary. After bathing the baby a good skin oil should then be applied, but one that does not contain strong essential oils. One of the best is St John’s wort oil with a tiny amount of mandarine, orange or lemon oil added {Bioforce Body Oil).

It is enough to oil the baby’s whole body twice a week. The legs may be oiled every day, using St John’s wort oil. Oiling is always better than powdering, as powder blocks the pores, absorbs the urine and encourages the growth of bacteria. Experience has shown that oiling is the better way and that it also prevents sores. If redness or soreness should appear, rub the skin lightly with a good woolfat cream, either genuine lanolin or Bioforce Cream, which also contains St John’s wort oil.


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