An inflammation which has been improperly treated, or not treated at all, frequently leaves nodules, or knots of cells, in the breast. This may possibly lead to breast cancer in later years. Gynaecologists are always on the alert when having to examine the breasts of patients, because breast cancer is very often detected. The breast being susceptible in this regard, it should be given more than the usual care and attention.

Inflammation of the breast can develop from a simple bruise. More frequently, however, an inflammation appears after delivery, during the period of lactation or at the time of weaning. It is imperative to treat an inflammation immediately, since lumps may form that lead to cysts. In cases where an abscess forms, it is best to let it come to a head and break open by itself. Of course, it may also be opened surgically. In either case scars will remain as the scar tissue will have lost its elasticity.


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