Headaches can also be caused by insufficient blood supply to the brain. In this case we recommend both Petadolor and Ginkgol biloba, also known as maidenhair tree. The leaves of this tree] contain active properties that can do wonders for the cerebral blood supply.

Physical therapy should not be forgotten either. Relief is often obtained from warm showers directed on the nape of the neck and the spine, as well as massaging with Toxeucal Massage Oil. If the headaches stem from an upset digestive system, warm showers directed on the stomach are the answer to alleviating the pain.

Onion, horseradish or cabbage leaf poultices can be applied to the back of the neck in order to combat headaches successfully.!

Whatever you do, natural treatments and remedies will prove more effective than chemical drugs, which merely dull the pain. It is of fundamental importance to find the cause of the headache and to treat it accordingly.


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