Secondly, we must employ a selection of herbal medicines, such as Nephrosolid and Boldocynara, for these remedies promote increased excretion through the kidneys and liver. By taking Echinaforce we can prevent irritation and inflammation. At the beginning of the illness, the flu drops Influaforce are helpful. These drops contain Baptisia (wild indigo), Lachesis lOx, Echinaforce, Bryonia 3x (bryony), Aconitum 3x and Solidago, and have always proved effective in minimising the virulence of the infection.

Diet is very important for a flu patient. While fever is present, neither protein nor fat should be eaten. Going on a liquid juice diet for one or two days has proved to be very beneficial. Grapefruit juice, diluted bilberry (blueberry) juice, also blackcurrant juice alternated with diluted beetroot juice will be received as a blessing by the patient. The intake of liquids should be greater than under normal circumstances.


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